The objective of this project was to perform an analysis of the Hotels.com website and provide recommendations for future iterations of this site, focusing on the effectiveness of the app’s interface, the customer experience it provides, and whether it matches the way users think about booking travel.



This usability study consisted of three methods which were applied to evaluate the ISM mobile application and to answer the research questions mentioned above:

  1. Heuristic evaluation - The site is evaluated against a set of heuristics and given a score. Whilst this may seem subjective, the majority of usability issues can be identified in up to five evaluations.
  2. Semi-structured interviews - These were conducted in order to understand the users current habits when selecting an outfit.
  3. Usability testing - During the tests users were given a set of tasks to complete using the app. While performing these tasks they were asked to think aloud and describe their experience.

User research

Heuristic evaluation
Recruiting of study participants
Semi-structured interviews 30 mins
Usability testing sessions 30 mins


Transcription of interviews
Thematic analysis of transcriptions
Analysis of recorded usability sessions


Client presentation


Key positives

  • Great use of photography
  • Use of nights counter is excellent at offering additional clarity
  • Large amount of filters which users instantly notice and use
  • Remembering previous searches very useful
  • Different payment methods provided are useful. However, this should be add to filters

Key negatives

  • All users were switching between hotels.com and Google Maps or City Mapper - Add widgets or links to those sights which open in new window
  • Applying filters causing issues with other filters being dropped. Add section to see all applied filters and an easy way to remove them
  • Make Trip Advisor integration more prominent
  • Map markers
    • when selecting 1 hotel only show 1 marker
    • when viewing list only show hotels on the map which appear on that list
    • reconsider adding hotels which are unavailable unless users specifically search for hotel
  • Search by Public Transportation
    • Allow users to see station / stop close to hotel
    • Filter by station name (autocomplete with stations)
  • System status
    • Add loading bar if page load may require more time.



Final report