In most companies my role as a researcher was to understand the users needs to a particular problem and identify the right solution to address this problem.


Generative and exploratory Research


  • Ethnography and contextual enquiry

  • Diary studies and experience sampling

  • Persona Generation

  • Interviews (one-on-one, semi-structured)

  • Surveys

  • Co-Design and Co-Creation Workshops

“Research in the wild!”

A lot of my research is done during field trips outside of the lab in order to better understand users’ actual behaviours and the contexts in which products are being used.

Part of my work at Microsoft and Simba involved understanding behaviours and context in relation to future products.


Evaluative Research


  • Usability testing (within a lab)

  • Situated research studies

Research in-situ

I enjoy taking products out of the lab and testing them within the context in which they would actually be used.


Presentation and Communication

Presentation types include

  • Keynote / slide presentations

  • UXR reports

  • Workshops

Communications design

I have 10 years of professional experience on presenting to leaders and managers, clients and stakeholders.

Understanding audience is key in designing and communicating effectively. As a manager for communications at American Express this was one of the key responsibilities of my job role.