While working at American Express I was involved with the launch of the annual benefits enrolment communications in the UK. In 2013 this consisted of various email communications which directed users to a mobile-friendly microsite.

Working on internal products means that our team had access to our user base, allowing us to research how best to communicate to them.

Research methods

During the time spent at American Express we visited many of the office locations around the UK, allowing us to perform:

  • ethnographic studies
  • contextual enquiries
  • semi-structured interviews

The nature of these products limited the use of communication channels and technologies we could leverage, making an understanding of the our users' behaviours vital to the   success of the internal product launches.


Project deliverables

My role in this project included the visual design, design of communications, information architecture, user experience and site development. The site was built in HTML and CSS. All materials were aligned with the Realise the Potential brand platform, which was used in the UK in 2013.

Printed personalised direct mailers and branded promotional items were used to drive users to the site to register.